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“I truly enjoyed running this race. Everything is a 5-star: the organization from registration to the finish line was superb, the course was beautiful, the weather was great, the community was kind and supportive, and so on. The race started at 6:00 am and sun came out slowly from behind the mountains a few miles after start; that beautiful scene will stay in my mind forever.”

AJ from New Jersey


“Fireworks at the start. Sun rising over the distant mountains. The only hill worth mentioning was so gentle and brought you up along a ridge line overlooking the river on one side and endless supply of shady trees on the other. Two spectators sitting atop their horses to encourage runners up said climb, which was also the image on the well-deigned race shirt. The number of spectators is about what you would expect from a relatively rural marathon, but their enthusiasm and offering of support (food and mist stations) was enormously helpful – one guy played his piano on his yard. A truly enjoyable event!”

SK from New York


“This was marathon number 67 and state number 39, so I’ve seen a few. Missoula ranks among the best. I don’t usually get on this site and post comments, but feel obligated due to the over-the-top experience.

Everything, from Expo to finish, is perfectly run. Add a hard-to-beat course, as far as beauty, and you have it all.

An example of their coolness – I ripped my shirt somehow on the flight home. I have no idea how, but that isn’t the point. While I have a billion running shirts, this one was a keeper. I sent a mopey e-mail to the race director offering to purchase another. Most races would ignor such a crazy request. Not only did they reply, but they sent a replacement at no charge. It’s a sad little story but exemplifies what a cool race this is.

I would rank this up with the experiences at New York, Boston, Chicago, Big Sur, or any other that stick in my mind. Love the size of the race also – Just the right size for me. Plenty of room and plenty of people.”

JL from Kansas City

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