Event Transfer/Race Change

To Change Your Entry From One Race To Another  2018 Race Change Information Coming Soon.

  1. Go To RunSignUp and click on the down arrow next to the runner icon in the upper right corner of the page
  2. Select Log In
  3. Enter your E-mail and RunSignUp Password then click the Sign In box
  4. Again, click the down arrow next to the runner icon in the upper right corner of the page
  5. Select Profile
  6. Scroll down to view your Upcoming Events
  7. Click Manage Registration to the right of your Marathon or Half Marathon event (15 Jul 2018)
  8. Click the Transfer Event menu option from the column to the left of your registration information
  9. Click the Start Transfer button
  10. Choose your New Event from the Event Drop-Down Menu
    1. First, select Event Day (Saturday Events or Sunday Events)
    2. Then, select Event
  11. Click  Continue
  12. Check Waiver Agreement box, then click Continue
  13. Please leave the Run Wild Missoula Member option checked as “No, Not a Member” (even if you are a member), then click Continue
  14. On the “Questions for Participant” page:
    1. Please include the estimated finish time of your new event
    2. Please leave all other fields as they are
    3. Click Continue
  15. Please leave the Optional Post Race Massage option unchanged and click Continue
  16. Please leave the Optional In-Training Shirt option unchecked and click Continue
  17. Review your details, enter your credit card information, check the refund policy box and click the Confirm Payment box
    • If transferring from the 5K to the Marathon or Half Marathon, you will be asked to pay the difference in costs at the time of the transfer
    • For all race event transfers/race changes, you will be asked to pay a $10 administrative fee and a RunSignUp processing fee
    • There will be no refunds of the difference in fee if changing from the Marathon or Half Marathon to the 5K
    • You may not transfer to or from the Kids Marathon
    • You may not transfer into the Missoula 5K Corporate Challenge
    • Please contact us at marathon@runwildmissoula.org if you wish to transfer to or from one of our wheelchair or handcycle events

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