The following reviews were posted by Missoula Marathon & Missoula Half Marathon participants at BibRave.com, RaceRaves.com and Marathonguide.com. To see more testimonials from past participants click here.

“Flawless. Great organization, amazing swag, gorgeous course, lovely city, fun volunteers and crowd support. This was my 47th state and one of my very favorite. As close to perfect a marathon experience as I’ve had.”

PW from NYC (2019)

“I thought it was one of the BEST ran races I have attended! We came a long way, just for the race (from TN) and you all showed us a great organized race, with loads of support and an amazing finish line! This was hubby’s 50th birthday wish! We hope to be back to run this gorgeous route again soon! Congrats on a job well done!‬‬”

KC from Smyrna, Tennessee (2015)

“Had a great race today. 20 months ago I was on a table having my Achilles cut and reattached while also working on the calf muscle. I was pleased to run my first half while running my longest distance and meeting my goal of 2:15… I also got to be at the end to cheer on my niece in her second half marathon, two friends one of which running his first marathon at 64 and my wonderful wife who has qualified for her second time for Boston. A great experience… thank you all for a well supported race.‬‬ ‬‬”

JC from Prineville, Oregon (2015)

“My first Missoula Half, coming down all the way from Pender Island BC, I fell in love with running all over again, after 40 years of lacing up the shoes. The courses, the incredible beauty of the landscape, there was everything to inspire and motivate. The troubling tummy, and sore toes, ah well, a privilege to be at the start and finish line. Oh yes this is a good one, perhaps the best one I’ve ever raced. Thank you Missoula!‬‬‬‬”

DK from Pender Island, British Columbia, Canada (2015)

“Fabulous race! So well orchestrated–everything from packet pick-up to buses, from gear bag retrieval to great post race food. Thank you!‬‬‬‬‬‬”

JMC from Bozeman, Montana (2015)

“Definitely a must-do. Was my 88th and was there to celebrate Jeff G’s 200th – glad I came! Extraordinary scenery and easy course! Packet pick-up a breeze. Many pre-race activities including a beer run and 5K. EVERYONE is friendly and helpful – small town feel throughout. Well-organized buses to start with tons of portalets, last-minute items to help you, on-time start, well-marked course and mile markers. Update mats worked perfect. Great energy at the end. DJ knew what he was doing, loads of post-race food and places to sit. Easy drop bag pick-up. Metal is huge!
Race priced very well, numerous and up-to-date posts on Facebook, emails, etc. Water stops manned with very friendly folks. Never alone on the course but never crowded. Pacers were spot-on.
This race promised and OVER-delivered. They are excellent stewards of the sport. Airport close by, incredible scenery and things to do abound. Hotels had good rates and late checkout. Looking forward to returning soon. FANTASTIC job, Team Missoula! ‬‬”

MG from Arizona (2015)

“Thank you for your willingness to give extra to your runners, like being available days after the race to exchange or purchase gear. It really sets this race apart. The little things really add up to a great experience.‬‬”

SBH from St. Helens, Oregon (2015)

“This was my first half-marathon ever, and I was amazingly impressed. Everything was so well coordinated, and the volunteers were just so, so great! On the route, they offered just that little bit of extra encouragement that helped me take that next step, and they were all just so full of smiles and positivity! What a great experience! And whoever was in charge of the weather? Kudos to you, my friend! It was PERFECT! Thank you so much for running such a wonderful event!‬‬”

EMH from Missoula, Montana (2015)

“Best race I have ever been to and I’m very fussy. Thank you for a wonderful experience. Still can’t get over how friendly the people of Missoula are. I didn’t want to leave.‬‬‬‬”

DLB from Calgary, Alberta, Canada (2015)

“The race organizers did everything right for this marathon: excellent communications, the expo was fun and easy, shuttles to the start were plentiful and on time, so many porta-potties at the start I never waited in line longer than 10 minutes, a beautiful course, awesome pacers, water stops were perfect with really helpful volunteers, and a finish line that went smoothly. Plus the weather was perfect! There aren’t a lot of spectators, but the ones out there are friendly and helpful. We stayed at a hotel in town which meant we could walk everywhere and enjoy downtown Missoula.‬‬”

LG from Arizona (2015)

“It was my first full & we came from South Carolina to enjoy the beautiful course we had read about. Although I would have liked to have finished a little faster, I can’t complain. I did it, and it was awesome! Thank you for organizing a fantastic race. Everything was awesome!‬‬‬‬”

BSL from Camden, South Carolina (2015)

“We had a great time–such a well-organized and fun event all around, from the Beer Run to the 5K to the Marathon/Half. And I must say–marathon morning always amazes me at how many port-a-potties are available in Missoula!‬‬ “

AP from Lolo, Montana (2015)

“I truly enjoyed running this race. Everything is a 5-star: the organization from registration to the finish line was superb, the course was beautiful, the weather was great, the community was kind and supportive, and so on. The race started at 6:00 am and sun came out slowly from behind the mountains a few miles after start; that beautiful scene will stay in my mind forever.”

AJ from New Jersey

“Fireworks at the start. Sun rising over the distant mountains. The only hill worth mentioning was so gentle and brought you up along a ridge line overlooking the river on one side and endless supply of shady trees on the other. Two spectators sitting atop their horses to encourage runners up said climb, which was also the image on the well-deigned race shirt. The number of spectators is about what you would expect from a relatively rural marathon, but their enthusiasm and offering of support (food and mist stations) was enormously helpful – one guy played his piano on his yard. A truly enjoyable event!”

SK from New York

“This was marathon number 67 and state number 39, so I’ve seen a few. Missoula ranks among the best. I don’t usually get on this site and post comments, but feel obligated due to the over-the-top experience.

Everything, from Expo to finish, is perfectly run. Add a hard-to-beat course, as far as beauty, and you have it all.

An example of their coolness – I ripped my shirt somehow on the flight home. I have no idea how, but that isn’t the point. While I have a billion running shirts, this one was a keeper. I sent a mopey e-mail to the race director offering to purchase another. Most races would ignor such a crazy request. Not only did they reply, but they sent a replacement at no charge. It’s a sad little story but exemplifies what a cool race this is.

I would rank this up with the experiences at New York, Boston, Chicago, Big Sur, or any other that stick in my mind. Love the size of the race also – Just the right size for me. Plenty of room and plenty of people.”

JL from Kansas City

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