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“Flawless. Great organization, amazing swag, gorgeous course, lovely city, fun volunteers and crowd support. This was my 47th state and one of my very favorite. As close to perfect a marathon experience as I’ve had.”

PW from NYC (2019)

“From the time you arrive at the airport, you feel welcome here. Everyone was friendly and hospitable. The expo was well run, and the shirt and medal were very nice. The buses got us to the starting area in good time, where we enjoyed fireworks and great music while getting ready to start in perfect temperatures (high 40s to start, not very humid). The trend of sufficient port o lets began at the start and continued through the entire race. The course is lovely and has just enough elevation change to give a little challenge. We enjoyed enthusiastic folks at each water stop, offering plenty of gels later on, and encouragement all of the way. Great piano playing, places to get sprayed, and lots of kind comments made this an easy run. I never felt like I had to guess where I was going next, as the course was well marked and monitored. Enthusiastic professionalism is the mark of this race. This was my 70th marathon and it was a fabulous experience for me and my wife who came to support me.”

J.L. from SC (7/11/2019) 

“My daughter and I have been running for 3 or so years and this was our destination ‘event’ for this year. Great job to Tony and team for doing a fantastic job of organizing the actual event and then getting the whole town behind him too. The race was beautiful. Even for the slow runners, like myself, the on course encouragement was great too. There was a lot of encouragement among the runners running a 5hr plus pace that you may not see in other places. I mean, where else do random strangers willingly help out and share body glide with a passing runner in need. It was also cool to pause at the finish line while some of the running ‘buddies’ you had passed finished and you got to congratulate them, separate from everyone else, for what they had done knowing that these guys had really gone through a lot to finish.”  

D.B. from St. Augustine, FL (7/72019)

“This race was top notch in all aspects. There were a lot of races this weekend in the great NW including an ever popular tunnel race in Snoqualmie and a Revel Race at Mt Hood, both beautiful courses. However, neither could match the excellent community and race organizer support of Missoula. Port o potties scattered every 1-2 miles, a lot with NO WAIT–that’s possible?? People with signs, on horseback, playing the piano, strumming the banjo, giving me free gummy bears, mimosas, Fireball shots, whiskey, M&Ms, cooling me off with sprinklers. Who are these people? Do I know them? I’ve never had so many fans. I was a pacer so I’m the one supposed to be calling out times and splits, telling jokes, making the long journey less arduous but the Missoulans provided far more luxuries than I could offer. Mile markers were spot on, Pacers were spot on across the board—which is rare. I was very proud to experience this run. Definitely top notch!”

S.E. from Visialia, CA (7/5/2019)

“Great pre race expo and fun 5K beer run. Well organized from expo to post race. Buses to start line prompt and starting area was well organized. Course was beautiful and only one mild hill at mile 14. GREAT spectator support throughout. Small town experience with very friendly people.”

C.A. from Tuscan, AZ (7/2/2019)

“Gorgeous scenery aside (it’s beautiful!), this race is incredibly well organized: plenty of generously-stocked aid stations, easy parking near the busses, great finish line, & awesome pre-race expo. The cherry on top, though, was the level of community support. Along almost the entire course were local people cheering you along. There were musicians galore (classical pianist!, guitars, banjos, percussion, rock bands, DJs, etc etc). And once we got into town, almost every neighborhood had their own refreshment tables offering you fun items (some of the noteworthy things were: Scandinavian fish, fireball shots, sodas, chilled fruit, mimosas, gummy bears, etc). The runners felt truly welcomed by the community. When we (finally) got to the finish line, we were cheered in with mighty encouragement. Then there was a free beer.”

J.M. from Hawaii (7/1/2019)

“You begin on a yellow school bus in the early morning hours (4:30 a.m.) along with 50 of your new friends, on your way to be deposited 17 miles outside of Missoula. It’s all part of the experience, and believe me, it was a great experience! Everything from the running expo to the beer run, from the course and its views to the post-race environment were thoughtfully planned and well-executed! Highly recommend a trip out to Big Sky country for this race!”

Aumann (7/9/2019)

“Absolutely loved it! Amazing experience from start to finish. The Race officials, the volunteers, the community support all combined made this a very memorable milestone for me. Easily understandable why Missoula Marathon has been voted the best! The Hill about halfway was a RUNNERS GIFT, made me feel like I worked for it. Hit the WALL around mile 22, but by that time I was in Missoula and the crowd kept me moving. Cannot wait to do it again!”

Shane_bird (7/8/2019)

“To add to the Missoula Marathon weekend experience this is a must 5k. You get to run all around the town, get the coolest 5k medal I have ever seen & add to your swag to get the 3 challenge medal if you do this, the beer run & the marathon on Sunday.”

Domino76 (7/5/2019)

“It was a beautiful morning and the course was gorgeous. Everything went very smoothly during registration, packet pick up, aid stations; all without a hitch. And what a great community of people!”

Alicia91 (7/2/2019)

“This was my fourth time in Missoula to race. I did the half several years ago and chose this for my first marathon in 2015. I returned again in 2017 then just couldn’t stay away this summer. Not only do I love this town, but this marathon is still my favorite. Beautiful course with temps at perfect running conditions (especially with moving the race from July to June). We cross three bridges in the full with a doable hill halfway. The neighborhoods are a great way to finish – everyone is cheering with their own special goodies and sprinklers to cool you down. The best volunteers, from those directing traffic to running the aid stations. You can feel their energy push you through and their genuine encouragement motivate you! The Pacers are fun and truly there to help you have a super memorable experience. My goal was a sub 4 and I accomplished this one due to all the amazing course support.

It is always so organized and easy, from packet pick -up to gear bag (they had mine ready before I even walked up all the way) to the food and photos. All I wanted was the watermelons and frozen fruit bars – yum!! A cold water and coke tasted amazing! The whole town and businesses welcome you entirely instead of making you feel like you inconvenienced their streets and way of life (I have done 3 other big city races that left this impression).

Love this town, race, and people!!!!”

Leslie D. from Mccall, ID (2019)

“If you are a “50 States Fanatics” this is your Montana race! One of the best organized races I have ever been involved in! Every person working the race, whether at the expo, aid stations on the course, or at the finish line was exceptional. You know, without a doubt, that this race weekend has been planned meticulously! The beer run, the 5K, the full and half marathon, the expo, the well-designed T-shirts, the Montana outlined bib (so cute!), the huge finisher medal, the free finisher photos, all make this race a definite destination race! If it is not on your bucket list now, you need to add it!”

Barb N. from Missoula, MT (2019)

“It was my first marathon and I am glad I ran this as my first. starting from the beautiful town and its fantastic people. Two runs the beer run and the 5K came perfectly with my plan for marathon training taper. The management of this race is amazing. The aid sections were fully staffed, cheering people, gatorade and water option which worked so well, strategic locations so I was never stressed about hydration, the porta potties at the beginning were plenty, shuttle services are amazing. I mean I can go on and on .

The people of Missoula were so welcoming and cheering. They out their sprinklers on, had gummy bears , water stands, ” fireball bottle” and cheers all the way. Post race photos were free and were being taken with family. Pre race you could get free taping and for a minimum amount you could get post race massage from alpine physical therapy. Shout out to them for making my run so enjoyable for taping me. I loved the town. If I don’t run again I will definitely come to cheer to enjoy the experience and food and breweries of this town.”

Naveen R. rom Richland, WA (2019)

“I’ve done a handful of half marathons, but this was my first full, which I found on bibrave for its #1 rating. The race totally exceeded my expectations. The course was flat and fast—the first 2 hours flew by—the community of support was incredible, and the other runners are respectful, friendly, and fun. The views were breath-taking (or maybe that was just the one big hill?) and everything went smoothly. It’s wasn’t crowded, but you were never isolated. The team of pacers was encouraging, timely, and wonderful. Aid stations were spaced well and volunteers were on top of it. Truly the best first full marathon I could have chosen!”

Emily B. from Louisville, KY (2019)

“Some, or all, may agree that the age of fantastic customer service is long gone. The advent of the Amazon age makes it easy to forget that people are behind the products and services we want to purchase. If you’re a little ‘old school’ and want to spend a few bucks and enjoy a community sponsored event (this race is not put on by a big national chain) the Missoula Marathon delivers on all fronts. From the airport, hotel staff, public folks, race officials, and the crowd to cheer you on, it’s a masterpiece in race support that other events could learn from. This race is #1 for a reason, and if there are a few nit-picky things that a participant didn’t enjoy, they are probably never satisfied. You need to look hard to find the service and execution this race delivers, and for the effort it takes to get to this little town, it’s worth twice as much once you’ve spent the weekend there. Kudos to the organizers for a job very well done!”

Torrey H. from Montana (2019)

“Superbly well organized – packet pickup is easy and everything is catered to a smooth experience for the runner. Plenty of shuttles to the start with short wait times! Loads of portables…and I mean loads. First visit there were no lines at all – I mean had a choice of cabin…second tour I waited maybe 2 minutes.Firework display to start the race! Wonderful locals that are very welcoming and supporting the runners that take over their town for the weekend.Great shirt and fabulous bling – it’s a monster, big bling for Big Sky! I also got me a great Run Wild Missoula race visor in powder blue and brown for my collection!Beautiful, mostly flat course (though there is one brutal hill around mile 14)Post-race food and beer – nothing like a Moose Drool IPA from the Big Sky Brewing Company to lift the spirits after 26 miles!Park area with seating and tables to hang out post-race.Printed finisher picture (optional) – these were really nice!Free race pictures to download and use however you prefer. I loved this race – it completely lived up to all our expectations in terms of organization, scenery, facilities, convenience and scale. A wonderful experience that I would highly recommend. Whether you are a 50 stater or you are looking for a destination race to work into a trip or vacation you won’t regret running Missoula. It is well worth the visit. The only downside to our visit was that we didn’t have another day or two to explore this beautiful town and area.”

James H. from Washington (2016)

“I came all the way from Dallas to run the Missoula Half Marathon this past weekend and let me tell you, it is the BEST half marathon I’ve ever run so far (and probably ever will run) and I’ve run over 30 of them so far in 19 different states. There’s a reason why every state and sometimes other countries are represented at this race!”

Jessica S from Texas (2019)

Missoula Marathon was voted #1 by BibRave & you simply just have to experience it for yourself to see why! 3 Races. Gifts. Swag. Heavy Medals – this race has it all! What I like most about this race isn’t the race itself, but everything surrounding the race. Missoula is absolutely beautiful & everyone in town is proud of this race – and it shows! The folks are friendly, the scenery is stunning & there are so many activities like hiking & rafting that you can do after the race! Be sure to take Friday & Monday off so you can spend 4 wonderful days in Big Sky Country!”

Rory Leigh C. from Los Angeles, CA (2019)

“I feel this is a neat and different style of race that is definitely worthy of its top rankings on the BibRave100 list. It is extremely well organized, has thousands of participants, but still has a small-town, friendly atmosphere and feeling to it from beginning to end. I liked the area and entire race weekend so much that I plan on returning with my family next year as part of a road trip out West. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn’t had an opportunity to experience it yet.”

Juan J. A. from Cypress, TX (2019)

“The community support for this race really set it apart. Despite the 6 AM start, there were tons of spectators along the route cheering, especially toward the end of the race when you run through residential neighborhoods. People were also playing music (including a grand piano in someone’s front yard, and multiple bluegrass bands), offering their own aid stations with freezer pops and cold sponges, pointing their sprinklers into the road to cool down runners, and providing “adult” refreshments. Major shout-out to the group handing out beers at mile 23! In addition to the community support, the race also had beautiful scenery and was really well organized. I’d definitely recommend this race”

Jessies9686 (7/2019)

“The Missoula Marathon absolutely lives up to its reputation. This is a well organized, highly scenic and friendly race. I ran this race as my 50 States Montana race. The hospitality by race staff, volunteers and spectators were spectacular. The weather was perfect for the 2019 race. This is a point to point race so you get a real feel for the beauty of the area. This is a smaller, uncongested race. You must pass through a lot of intersections on the last part of the race, but they are well monitored. Race bib pick-up is very smooth. The shirt and medal are excellent.”

HammerinHank (2019)

“This was a very well organized race, with easy race logistics and a very good course. The race started early (6am) with fireworks to send us on our way. The first half of the race was very scenic, with a number of downhill portions. Along the way we were serenaded by a number of unique musicians, including a piano player, wearing a tux and playing piano in his front yard, very cool! The 2nd half of the race went through the surrounding neighborhoods until we headed downtown for a very noisy finish. Plenty of volunteer support throughout the race and good spectator support over the 2nd half and, in particular, the last 0.1 mile to the finish. The weather was absolutely perfect for running. Plenty to do in the area before and after the race, including Glacier National Park about 2 1/2 hrs away but well worth the trip. This is one I plan on repeating!!”

Rcturk262 (2019)

“This race is always incredible. The energy from staff, volunteers, runners, and the community is amazing. Race production is always spot on, no glitches. Beautiful race expo in the heart of downtown. The race course itself is great, mostly flat, and beautiful. When you get into the residential areas, many members of the community come out to cheer everyone on, it really is an incredible feeling. They offer bag check because it’s a point to point race that runs very smooth. After 5 years, I’ve never ran into any problems at this race. Oh, the medals were gorgeous as usual. Way to go Missoula Marathon.”

Kellenday (2019)

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