Missoula Marathon

Race Changes & Bib Transfers

Our race refund policy has changed for 2022.  To review the policy, please go HERE.


Instructions For Requesting a Race Change or Bib Transfer Click Here



We have opened the opportunity to change event distances, if desired. Whatever your reason for making the change, we want to provide the option for you.
This includes:
  • Going up to the marathon from the half or 5K (if race hasn’t met participant cap)
  • Down to the half marathon from the full
  • Up to the half marathon from the 5K
  • Down to the 5K from the marathon or half
If you are transferring up in distance, you will be asked to pay the difference in entry fee.
If you are transferring down in distance, there will be no refunds for the difference in entry fee.
You can also transfer your bib to another participant. The recipient may only register for the event that was transferred to them. There is a $20 fee for bib transfers paid by the original registrant. 
Please note, all race changes must be made by Tuesday, May 31st.
Once you complete the transfer process, you can confirm your event registration under the “Find A Participant” tab on the registration website.


Do you need to make changes to your shirt size, email address, home address, etc.?  If so, go HERE for a guide on how to manage your registration.