Missoula Marathon


Elites Currently Registered

→ DOWNLOAD THE LIST of elites registered for the 2024 Missoula Marathon and Half Marathon.


→ All records and top times can be found here.


Overall Awards Ceremonies

Overall awards ceremonies will be held as soon as possible after the top 3 runners in each event/division have crossed the line.  (Prize money listed below) The Awards presentation will take place near the finish line.  Approximate times that the awards ceremonies would be expected to take place:

  • Overall Half Marathon Awards
    • Men – 7:15 AM
    • Women – 7:25 AM
    • Non-Binary – 7:30AM
  • Overall Marathon Awards
    • Men – 8:45 AM
    • Women – 9:05 AM
    • Non-Binary – 9:10 AM


Age Division Awards


Custom awards will be given to the top three male, female, non-binary finishers in the below divisions of the Missoula Marathon and Half Marathon.

Click here for age group and overall records.

  • 19 & under (Marathon only)
  • 14 & under (Half Marathon only)
  • 15-19 (Half Marathon only)
  • 20-24
  • 25-29
  • 30-34
  • 35-39
  • 40-49
  • 45-49
  • 50-54
  • 55-59
  • 60-64
  • 65-69
  • 70-74
  • 75-79
  • 80-84
  • 85-89
  • 90+

Age group awards will be mailed to winners once results are final. Individuals setting an age group course record AND placing first in their respective age division will receive an additional bonus of complimentary race entry for the following year. Age group awards will be awarded by chip time. Please allow 2-3 weeks post-race for awards/prize money to be mailed out.



There will also be awards (with no ceremony) provided to the top 3 men, women, non-binary in the 5K. (Prize money listed below)

5K custom age group awards will be given to the top three male, female, non-binary finisher in the below age group divisions. Please allow 2-3 weeks post-race for awards/prize money to be mailed out.

9 and under, 10-14, 15-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80-84, 85-89, 90+


Missoula Marathon Prize Money

Missoula Marathon

CR Men 2:20:27 Women 2:46:35

  • 1st = $1000
  • 2nd = $500
  • 3rd = $300
  • Masters** 1st = $250
  • Men, Women, Non-Binary



Missoula Half Marathon

CR Men 1:05:30 Women 1:14:29

  • 1st = $1000
  • 2nd = $500
  • 3rd = $300
  • Masters** 1st = $250
  • Both Men, Women, Non-Binary


$300 Bonus* for Montana State Soil Records in Marathon or Half

  • Marathon [Men] 2:20:27
  • Marathon [Women] 2:45:59
  • Half Marathon [Men] 1:04:42
  • Half Marathon [Women] 1:09:47

$300 Bonus* for US Olympic Trials Standard in Marathon or Half 

  • Marathon [Men] 2:18:00
  • Marathon [Women] 2:37:00
  • Half Marathon [Men] 1:03:00
  • Half Marathon [Women] 1:12:00

$200 Bonus* for Overall Course Record in Marathon or Half

$100 Bonus* for Masters Course Record in Marathon or Half

$100 Award* for first Montanan (Current Resident)
$50 Award* for first Run Wild Missoula member

*Bonuses are in addition to placing award.
**Masters are athletes ages 40 and over on race day. Masters are also eligible for open prize money.
***Overall prizes and cash will be awarded based on gun time, not chip time.
****Prize money awards will be mailed once official race results have been verified. Please allow 1-2 weeks post-race for awards/prize money to be mailed out.


In addition, the Missoula Marathon will offer a $100 bonus for any runner achieving the following standards:

  • Marathon = Men – 2:30:00, Women & Non-Binary – 3:00:00
  • Half Marathon = Men – 1:10:00, Women & Non-Binary – 1:21:00
  • Half Marathon or Marathon, Man or Woman, New Masters Course Record
  • Note:  Only one Course Record bonus will be paid in any given race.  (i.e. if 3 women run faster than the existing half marathon record, only the winner will receive the course record bonus.  The 2nd and 3rd place finishers would still receive the $100 bonus for beating the time standard.



Tony Banovich 5K

  • 1st = $250
  • 2nd = $100
  • 3rd = $50
  • 1st Master (40+) (Also eligible for overall prize money) = $50
  • Men, Women, Non-Binary



Elite Athlete Application

To be considered for Elite Runner Status you must follow these steps:

  1. For the marathon your PR finishing time must be at least 2:30 for men and 3:00 for women and non-binary. (This time must have been achieved within the last two years) On a case by case basis, we may consider Elite Runner Status in the master division.
  2. For the half marathon your PR finishing time must be at least 1:10 for men and 1:21 for women and non-binary. (This time must have been achieved within the last two years)  On a case by case basis, we may consider Elite Runner Status in the master division.
  3. You must send a running resume to the Elite Coordinator Tim Mosbacher. Include in this resume your age, gender, current address, email address, country of birth origin, whether or not you are a U.S. Citizen, current results from recent races (past 2 years) and any other pertinent information.
  4. As an Elite Runner the staff may offer any of the following: complimentary entry to marathon or half marathon and/or one or two night stay in a host hotel. No guarantee is made that you will receive any or all of these.



Course Certification & Sanction And Rules Of Competition.

Below are the competition rules for the 2024 race.


The Missoula Marathon and Half Marathon courses are both USA Track & Field Certified and Sanctioned. USATF Course Numbers MT22003MF (Marathon) and MT22002MF (Half Marathon). USATF Sanction Number 152489 (Marathon) and 152574 (Half Marathon).


All participants in the elite field will be required to comply with the rules and regulations of USA Track & Field.


All participants in the elite field will be required to sign a USA Track & Field Participant Waiver and Release of Liability, Assumption Of Risk And Indemnity Agreement as well as a Prize Money Eligibility Statement.


Athletes who participate in this competition may be subject to formal drug testing in accordance with USATF and IAAF rules, in accordance with USOC, USADA, WADA or IAAF procedures. Athletes found, after a disciplinary hearing, to be positive for prohibited substances, as defined by  USADA and/or WADA  a, or who refuse to be tested, will be disqualified from this event and may lose eligibility for future competitions. Any prize money payable to an athlete who has tested positive shall be withheld until the final disposition of all disciplinary proceedings. BEWARE:


Some prescriptions, over the counter medications, and nutritional supplements may contain prohibited substances. Information regarding drugs and drug testing may be obtained by calling the USADA Reference Hotline at 1-719-785-2000 (Press Option 2), or www.usada.org.


Run Wild Missoula and the Missoula Marathon support a sport based on fair competition without the presence of performance enhancing drugs.


To be eligible for elite entry and/or the prize purse at the Missoula Marathon, an athletes must:

  • Comply with USA Track & Field rules and regulations
  • Not be currently serving a suspension issued by the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) or the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) for the use of a banned substance
  • Not have ever served a ban issued by USAD or WADA for the use of performance enhancing drugs
  • Not be represented by coaches and/or agents who have had 2 or more athletes receiving such suspension in the previous 4 years*
  • Not be represented by coaches and/or agents who served a ban for use of performance enhancing drugs during their own athletic career*
  • Provide proper documentation proving they are eligible for prize money (form W-9, W-8ECI or W-8BEN)
  • Consent to random drug testing according to the standards and procedures of USATF, USADA and WADA


Any athlete that believes they have been barred from the event or the opportunity to earn prize money at the event because of mistaken identity due to near or exact name of a person currently suspended, banned or previously banned, must submit documentation certified by a notary in advance to the race director or elite athlete coordinator of the event proving that they are not the same person identified as serving a suspension, ban or previous ban.


*Athletes have a duty to ensure they are represented by reputable coaches and agents and have a duty to consult the WADA list of athletes that are or have served a doping ban before signing with a coach or agent.


In addition, the Missoula Marathon will terminate any agreement that has been made between the race and an athlete regarding complimentary entries, food, lodging and/or travel assistance should the athlete be found guilty of using performance enhancing drugs after the agreement was made.   The Missoula Marathon will also terminate said agreement(s) should race organizers gain knowledge of an athlete’s prior drug use suspension after the agreement was made.


As a result of any of the above scenarios, the Missoula Marathon will immediately cease all business relationships with an athlete and/or their coach and/or agent.


Collegiate & High School Participants – Prize money payments will be subject to compliance with the rules and regulations of the NCAA and Montana High School Association.  Should those rules and regulations preclude payment to a collegiate or high school athlete, prize money will not be redistributed to lower placing athletes.


Outside Aid – There are enough aid stations on the marathon and half marathon course. We have found this number to be sufficient for the majority of participants. If you believe that you will require additional fluids or other aid, you must make arrangements to carry them on your person. With the exception of “citizen aid stations” where neighbors provide additional aid available to ALL participants, you may not accept aid outside of the immediate vicinity of designated aid stations. This means that your friends and family cannot meet you on the course to provide AID to you. Such behavior violates the USATF Rules of Competition and provides you with an unfair advantage over participants who do not have people out there to help them. It also increases traffic congestion on the course, compromising the safety of ALL runners and spectators. A competitor who has received any assistance whatsoever from any other person may be disqualified which includes pacing in running or walking events by persons not participating in the event (bikes or otherwise).

“This race was top notch in all aspects… Port o potties scattered every 1-2 miles… People with signs, on horseback, playing the piano, strumming the banjo, giving me free gummy bears, mimosas, Fireball shots, whiskey, M&Ms, cooling me off with sprinklers. Who are these people? Do I know them? I’ve never had so many fans. I was a pacer so I’m the one supposed to be calling out times and splits, telling jokes, making the long journey less arduous but the Missoulians provided far more luxuries than I could offer... I was very proud to experience this run.”

– S.E. from Visialia, CA