Missoula Marathon

Legacy Runners

Have you run all 15 previous versions of the Missoula Marathon and/or Half Marathon?  If so, CONGRATULATIONS!  You are in elite company as a Legacy Runner.


We’re working to verify that our list of Legacy Runners is complete and comprehensive.


Legacy runners include:

  • Dennis Bender
  • Jesse Carnes
  • Andrew Gideon
  • Danelle Gjetmundsen
  • Tom Halverson
  • Tammy Mocabee
  • Sharon Sterbis
  • Kailee Carnes
  • Joyce Dombrouski
  • Patty Harp
  • Dawn Lenss
  • Don Malerk
  • Melissa Matassa-Stone
  • Benjamin Schmidt
  • Hannah Singleton
  • Kelsi Camp
  • Jane Herzog
  • Torrey Holmquist
  • Bridget Johnson
  • Marilyn Marler
  • Margaret Menendez
  • Vicky Mix
  • Jim Murphy
  • Jacob Naegeli
  • Jen Von Sehlen
  • Vo von Sehlen


If your name is not on the list and you think it should be, please contact Trisha Drobeck.  Please provide your full name and any variations to your name (i.e. maiden name, nicknames, hyphenated names, etc.) that you may have used over the years.