The Missoula Marathon is the brainchild of a group of local, dedicated members of Run Wild Missoula who want to share the area’s beauty and Missoula’s unique feel with runners from all over.  Run Wild Missoula is a non-profit, 501(c)3 running club with a mission to support and promote running and walking for people of all ages and abilities, with over 1,500 members, 15 annual races and several training programs and other events.

The Missoula Marathon is one of our community’s most beloved and supported events. In 2010, the Missoula Marathon won the Best Marathon in United States award by Runner’s World Magazine. In 2011, the Missoula Marathon was named the Best Tourism Event by the state of Montana.







Left To Right:

Members of the Missoula Marathon Organizing Committee, left to right: Jay Brooker (Bus Pickup), Tim Brooker (Finish Line), Anders Brooker (Outgoing Race Director), Chris Carey (Youth Homes), Ryan Snyder (Website Coordinator), Dr. Rob Amrine (Medical Director), Tony Banovich (Executive Director of Run Wild Missoula & Marathon Race Director), Frank Scariano (Course Director), Danelle Gjetmundsen (Volunteer Coordinator), Vo von Sehlen (Green Efforts, Facebook),  Torrey Holmquist (Marketing/Advice), Sage Grendahl (Destination Missoula liaison),  Colleen Smith (Expo and Merchandise Coordinator and outgoing Expo Coordinator), Kim Joyner-O’Connor (Kids Marathon), Tommi Burton (Storage/Equipment), Loreen Skinner (Marathon Start), Ethel MacDonald (Bike Monitors), Kevin Twidwell (Legal Eagle) and Dariusz Janczewski (Graphic Design/Medals).

Members not pictured: Meg Brooker (Merchandise), Dean McGovern (Pacers), Dara Rouse (Treasurer), Em Kendrick (Aid Stations), Gary and Daryl Little (Half Marathon Start), Layne Rolston (Finishline Food/Sponsor), Wayne Chamberlain (Gear Bags), Hillary Ogg (Registration Director), Jen von Sehlen (Marketing), Jeri Delys (Expo Volunteers), Scott Rouse (Missoula 5k), Glen Moyer (Announcer),  Lisa Walser (Course Volunteers), JR Strand (Government Liason), Karin Flint (Volunteers),  Sally Brooker (Bus Pickup), Shelley Jacobson (Volunteers), Tammy Mocabee (Assistant Volunteer Coordinator), Ben Schmidt (Missoula 5k), and Pam Gardiner (Galloway Relations).

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