Missoula Marathon Beer Run

Date: Friday, July 11th, 2014 starting at 6pm

Location: The Ironhorse Brew Pub

Once again we will hold a special edition Missoula Marathon Beer Run two days before the Marathon! This is a chance to meet runners from around the world, see the sights in beautiful Missoula, Montana and try out a few of our wonderful local brews. Featuring beer from Big Sky Brewing Co.

Just like last year our route will include 3- and 5-mile routes with RWM ambassadors who will act as tour guides and point out some of the interesting cultural and historical highlights of Missoula. Route maps: 3 miles5 miles.

Be sure to check out this great Missoula Area Beer Guide (special 2014 Missoula Marathon edition) from Alan McCormick at Growler Fills!

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