Race Info/FAQ


Registration will be capped at the following number of registrants:

  • Marathon: 1750 registrants
  • Half Marathon: 4000 registrants
  • Missoula 5K: 1000 registrants

Early Bird registration (October 1, 2013 – January 31, 2014)

  • Marathon – $75
  • Half Marathon – $60
  • Missoula 5k – $25
  • Kids Marathon – $10

Open registration (February 1, 2014 – June 30, 2014)

  • Marathon – $90
  • Half Marathon – $80
  • Missoula 5k – $30
  • Kids Marathon – $10

Late registration (July 1, 2014 – July 9, 2014)

  • Marathon – $120
  • Half Marathon – $110
  • Missoula 5k – $30
  • Kids Marathon – $10


There are 19 aid stations for the Full Marathon and 10 aid stations for the Half Marathon. They are approximately every 2 miles then every mile the last 10K. Each aid station will have water at the first table and Gatorade Endurance Lemon Lime drink at the 2nd table. Clif Shot Gel will be handed out at 3 aid stations this year. Please check the map to see which aid stations will have Gel. There will be two flavors of Clif Shot Gel: Strawberry and Vanilla. The vanilla Clif Shot Energy Gels in the blue packets are non-caffeinated and the strawberry Clif Shot Energy Gels in the red packets are caffeinated.


The course is coned and marked very well, but it is open to traffic. There will be volunteers and police officers at most intersections. Please run or walk on the right side of the road unless otherwise directed. Because the course is open to traffic, we discourage music devices. Baby joggers are allowed, but we ask that you start toward the back.

If you experience medical issues while on the course, please look for a volunteer, bike monitor, or Police Officer. There is a fully staffed medical tent at the finish.

There will be no official time for anyone taking longer than seven and a half hours. Aid stations, traffic control, volunteers, etc. will relinquish their posts based upon the 7 1/2 hour completion time.


We we will have pacers for the Full Marathon.  We are looking at pacers for the Half Marathon and will have that info up soon.  The goal is to have pacers for the following times for the Full Marathon:

3:00 (6:51 mi pace)
3:10 (7:14 mi pace)
3:20 (7:37 mi pace)
3:30 (8:00 mi pace)
3:40 (8:23 mi pace)
3:50 (8:46 mi pace)
4:00 (9:09 mi pace)
4:10 (9:32 mi pace)
4:20 (9:54 mi pace)
4:30 (10:17 mi pace)
4:45 (10:52 mi pace)
5:00 (11:26 mi pace)

Please remember our pacers are volunteers, with their own potential injuries, and they aren’t professional pacers. If someone pulls a hamstring the day before, he/she won’t be there. We will do our best to live up to these pace times.  The Missoula Marathon pacers take pride in being some of the best!


You will be given your gear bag at packet pickup. Please make sure your gear bag has your correct race number on it. Both start lines will have a drop off area and your bag will be transported to the finish area. Please do not leave any valuables in your gear bag. Only the gear bag issued to you at packet pickup will be accepted for transport. No other bags, backpacks, etc will be accepted unless they are fully inside the official gear bag.


For safety reasons there is NO parking or drop-off at either the Full or Half Marathon start; you must take one of our buses. For the 2014 event we are working on some exciting changes to the pickup location and info will be ready soon.


The Missoula Full, Half, and 5k will be chip timed with results posted the night of the race. There will split timing mats every 5k in the Full and Half Marathon.  We will have more info on how to sign up for text alerts and Facebook updates of results.  The top 3 in each of the below age groups will receive awards.

0-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80+


There are NO registration refunds. With that said, we know things can happen and we want to make sure you have a chance to participate in one of our great events. So for those who have registered but cannot participate this year, we offer you the chance to defer to 2015. Check back here for the link to defer your registration to 2015 for $20. The deferral link will be live from July 1st-14th. You will NOT be able to defer after July 14th, 2014.




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